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Northern Events
Safety regulations

 -We expect that every participant  behaves and act according to the traffic laws, rules and regulations.


- The Northern Rally Run has no competition element. Challenging and racing each other are observed as a violation of our rules, the traffic laws and regulations


- Please take other drivers, bikers, walkers and animals into account, regardless  whether they do or do not participate at our event. In case Northern Events receives serious complaints, the organisation will speak with the culprit privately and will exclude the culprit from our event if necessary!


- Drifts, excessive loud engine noise, pollution and  burnouts and / or donuts, we observe as a violation of our rules and the traffic laws.


- Our organisation is a guest at the locations which we plan to visit during the event, before departure, the locations must be left clean and tidy. This means no trash at the locations, the parking lot or at any other stop

- Fines as a result of violation of the traffic laws and regulations are for your own account


- Damage to your car caused during the event are for your own account. If you cause any damage to someone else's car you are fully responsible for the handling the claim(s) with the other party. Northern Events does not mediate in the claim.


- Northern Event is under no circumstance liable for the consequences caused by participation at our event.


- The instructions of our staff must be followed up at all times.

- Most important rule: enjoy!

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